Wednesday, January 28, 2009

American Idol Season 8 Auditions: Salt Lake delivers an Osmond, a Winehouse, and a Jordan

What would a singing competition in Salt Lake be without an Osmond? We meet David Osmond, son of Alan Osmond. Alan's been suffering for years with MS. David has it, too. Is MS hereditary? I didn't know that. David is one of the better looking Osmonds I've seen. Lots of criticism on song choice and style and stuff, but they eventually let him through to Hollywood. An Osmond in Hollywood, imagine that!

Joke audition. Tara Mathews, dominatrix. Terrible. Leave. There were a few more horrible auditioners.

Chris Kirkham with his friend Greg the Rabbit is next. Greg is his good luck charm. He's in a big pink bunny suit. Rabbit's foot, get it? Sorry, good luck charm doesn't work. Goodbye to Chris and Greg the Bunny.

Frankie Jordan, no relation to Jordin Sparks, a stay-at-home mom is up next. She thinks she was born to this do this which begs the question--why have a baby and be a stay-at-home mom? Oh, well. Frankie channels Amy Winehouse--in a good way. Frankie is staying at home no longer--she's headed to Hollywood.

Megan Corkrey also a mother (apparently they have babies young in Salt Lake), tells us her sad story. She's going through a divorce. You guessed it. American Idol could change her life. I like her voice--very different and old-fashioned. Simon agrees with me, says she's different and `I'll remember you.' Megan grabs the yellow ticket and is off to Hollywood.

Andrew Gibson b-a-d.

Austin Sisneros, senior class president, sounds funny when he talks. He sounds a lot better when he sings. Austin sings two horrible, I mean horrible, songs. Pretty much on the strength of his squeaky clean personality he makes it through to the semi-finals.

Jarrett Burns--loved him. Can't wait to see more of him in Hollywood.

6'1" Taylor Vaifauna reminds Randy of Jordin Sparks. Not me. She's okay. Kara liked her in the bathroom. Honestly, that's what she said. Regardless, Taylor's going to Hollywood.

Final audition of the night. Final sad story. Rose Flack was brought up by her dad. He died when she was 13. Whe was taken in by her best friend's family. Two years later her mother died. Man. This IS a sad story. Rose is the highlight of the night. Could be my favorite of the entire season of auditions.

Salt Lake sends a lucky 13 to the semi-finals.

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