Thursday, January 29, 2009

American Idol Season 8 Auditions: New York and Puerto Rico finish it off

Tonight wraps up the final auditions. Tomorrow I'll give you my favorites, so come back.

We're in NYC & Puerto Rico. I heart New York. I might heart Puerto Rico, but I've never been there.

Contestant #1 is Adeola Adegoke who is barely understandable when she talks, even worse when she sings. Too bad she quit her day job. Simon calls Adeola's boss and asks him to take her back. He does, so all ends well.

Jorge Nunez sings something in Spanish. Oh. It's My Way. Muy bien. Paula asks Jorge to sing something in English. He does, but it still sounds like Spanish. Randy loves him. Jorge gets a unanimous vote to send him to Hollywood. BTW, Simon gives us a big clue. He tells Jorge they're looking for a Latin type. Hmmmmm. I bet Jorge goes pretty far.

Jessica Baier tells us all about her b-i-g talent. She's been in more than 700 singing competitions. Horrible. Terrible. Awful.

The nearly bald Melinda Camille wants to uplift humanity. Melinda likes to be naked. The judges send her on to Hollywood, but I think they just want to see her wardrobe choices as the competition unfolds.

Jackie Tohn is this year's Blake Lewis. Remember him? The beat box guy. Jackie makes it through, but I predict she'll get on my nerves really, really quickly.

"Crazy Rocker" Joe Contreras comes in as an IPod. Go home.

Nick Mitchell "Norman Gentle" looks to be about ten or fifteen years over the age limit. Go home. Nope. The girls and Randy send Nick/Norman to Hollywood

Kendall Beard a hottie from Texas gets the yellow ticket. I expect we'll see more of Kendall.

Monique Garcia Torres with the cutest little brother ever, Christopher, is next. I vote for Monique because Christopher is such a doll. Monique has a sweet, little voice. I don't think she'll last long, but Simon and Paula send her to Hollywood.

Whack job Alexa Cohen makes a return appearance from last season. She's still bad but i love her. I think she should go into acting. I'm serious.

A whole family of folks is partying in the ante room waiting for Patricia Lewis Roman to audition. She's on. Sort of screechy and frantic. The judges don't like it, but give her another chance. She sings some weird song in Espanol. Kara, Simon, and Randy send her through.

In all, Puerto Rico gives us 9 semi-finalists and NYC gives us 26.

Whoopee! Semi-finals are next week. Can't wait.

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