Wednesday, January 14, 2009

American Idol Season 8 Auditions: Kansas City here we come

Home of last year's American Idol David Cook...we're in Kansas City, where I hear there's lots of pretty little women. Uh, yeah, sorry.

Here's what I'm already sick of...contestants who are singing to make their _______'s lives better (fill in the blank: mother, father, sister, brother, son, daughter, dog, pet hamster, etc.), faux rockers, and anyone who sings Stevie Wonder. Other than that I'm really excited for Season 8.

Ashley Anderson came all the way from New Jersey to audition, she sings Footsteps--oops Footprints--In the Sand. I hate it, but she gets the judges' votes.

Bubble Tea Maker (whatever) Casey Carlson wearing a bubble dress is hot enough, but can she sing. Yep. She's in.

Von Smith is from Greenwood, Missouri. I live in Missouri. I've never heard of Greenwood. Oh well, Von from Greenwood is going to Hollywood. BTW, hate the hat. Lose it Von, it makes you look like Sam Snead. Google it.

Remember dreads boy Jason Castro? Well, he has a younger, less talented brother, Michael Castro. Michael has pinkish, punkish hair. Not much else going for him, but the judges send him to Hollywood since he's Jason's brother. At least, that's what I think.

Matt Breitzke a big, bald, welder dude is also going to Hollywood, but on a split decision. I liked his rendition of "Ain't No Sunshine When She's Gone," but I don't think he's going to last long in the competition.

Jessica Furney looks like a girl from Kansas. Ah, she is a girl from Kansas City. And she lives with her 93-year-old grandmother. I just love this girl. I want her to win. Go, Jessica. And, she's on her way to Hollywood after singing a little Janis.

India and Asia...sisters, sisters, never ever such devoted sisters. India makes it, Asia's staying home.

I HATED Jamar Rogers' audition. I lose. Judges are inexplicably wasting a plane ticket on this cheese ball.

Danny Gokey (unfortunately, a friend of Cheeseball Jamar)tells the sad story of the year--his wife died this year. Anyway, Danny Gokey...surprised me! Yes! Finally, someone who can sing. He's headed to H-Wood.

Anoop Desai...that's Indian for Anoop no Sanjaya. Hooray. He can sing and he's on his way to Bollywood Hollywood.

You don't see a guy tackle a Michael Jackson tune often, but Asa Jackson takes it on. It nearly loses him a spot in Hollywood, but the judges are sending him west in spite of his song choice.

Dennis Brigham from Glen Carbon, Illinois earned himself a yellow ticket. Don't know how, but he did.

Lil Rounds from Memphis ends things on a high note. She's catching the flight to California. And, guess what...she's doing this for her three kids and husband.

If what we've seen the last two nights is a representative sample, I think it's shaping up to be another year for the guys.

In all we'll see 27 contestants who auditioned in KC in the Hollywood round.

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I just wish that you knew talent when you saw it...I wonder can you sing?