Wednesday, January 21, 2009

American Idol Season 8 Auditions: 19 Louisville contestants make it across finish line

Tiffany Shedd kicks off the Louisville auditions and could have been the worst yet. Put it this way, she'd have a better chance of winning the Kentucky Derby.

Joanna Pacitti is the anti-Tiffany. Apparently Joanna had been signed to a record label and something bad happened. I like her. Only thing I don't like is that her teeth look too big for her mouth. Judges ignore the big teeth and give her a ticket to Hollywood.

Mark Mudd is terrible. Yes, he's related to The Dr. Mudd. Who cares? Go away.

I have a bias against two first name guys, but I may make an exception for Brent Keith Smith. Cute, cute, cute.

The judges like Matt Giraud. Not me. I think he'll be gone after the first Hollywood cut.

Joke audition...Ross Plavsic gets sent home to little town Kentucky.

Alexis Grace is headed west (wanting to make a better life for her daughter), Aaron Williamson is not (maybe be he wants to be `America's Next Top Idol').

Probably not a good idea to sing a Carrie Underwood song in an American Idol audition, but Rebecca Garcia does it anyway. Yep, told you. Sent home.

Bar Singer/mom Felicia Barton is really great. Love her, want to see more of her! Oh, goody! Felicia is going to Hollywood.

My second favorite of the night is Leneshe Young who is ready to be a star. Simon loves Leneshe and her original song. This girl could go far. (Hey that rhymes. Maybe I should write a song).

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