Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Random things floating around in my head

1) Why don't I like oatmeal anymore?
2) I'm very ticked off that the printer sent me way more envelopes than Christmas cards. What's the deal??
3) I think I was the big winner at the annual office Christmas ornament swap. I got two frogs. The man frog is wearing a Hawaiian shirt, the girl frog is in a bikini top and grass skirt. Thank you, Intern Tammy.
4) I'm sad that most of my family lives out of town and we're never together on Christmas.
5) I wrapped more than 30 presents the last 3 nights, but there's nothing under our Christmas tree since we had to put it all in the mail {see #4}.
6) Work is unusually difficult this year.
7) Loving how my son only tells me what he wants for Christmas after I've bought his gifts. Smart kid.
8) Our dog has an eating disorder. She would literally eat herself to death if she could. She needs an intervention.
9) Today I read that praying regularly adds seven years to your life.
10)Not only don't I like Katie Couric's new haircut, I don't really like Katie Couric.

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johnc said...

Great post! Wish I was home tonight.