Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Pondering the puffer

We've had record low temperatures across the U.S. this month. This has brought out full winter regalia, including an abundance of the beloved "puffer coat."

There's a fine line with puffer coats. What can be trendy can move into bag lady territory very quickly. To keep you looking fashionable, here are some observations I've made about wearing puffers:

~~Go easy on the puffs. More puffs do not mean better. No, more puffs often mean you look less streamlined and, well, puffier.
Too many puffs:

Fewer puffs:

~~Look for a puffer with diagonal stitching rather than horizontal. This would be the basic rule that horizontal lines make you look wider. BTW, diagonal stitching should point down to the ground. Also, if you go the horizontal puff route, look for narrower puffs.
Wide, horizontal puffs:

Diagonal puffs:

~~If you're a woman, don't buy a coat that looks like a man's coat. If you buy a gigantic (albeit warm) puffer, you run the risk of looking like Nanook of the North. If you're interested in a full length puffer, try to find one with a belt to feminize it.
Man coat:

Feminine puffer:

~~It is possible to buy a full length stylish puffer that doesn't move into Michelin man territory. Take a look at this streamlined version. Puffer Perfection.
Streamlined puffer:

~~Hoods. This is a case by case situation. I had lunch with a friend yesterday who said he prides himself on not owning a coat with a hood. I actually like the convenience and versatility a hood offers. I don't like removable hoods. I think they're tacky and never really look right. I'm partial to those cute fur-trimmed hoods.
Fur trimmed hood:

~~Length is tricky. Just a tad too long and you need to complete the look with a shopping cart for your empty cans. Go too far below the knee and you'll look like you're wearing a sleeping bag. Most flattering full length hits just below or right at the knee. Try to keep your jackets right at the top of your hip or the middle of your thigh for the most flattering look. Mid rear end is the worst possible landing spot.
Perfect length long puffer:

Perfect length short puffer:

Here's what not to buy:
Bad color; either too long or too short (depending on what you're going for); fat, horizontal puffs, man styling.
Here's what to buy:
Good color; flattering length; tailored; flat, diagonal puffs; feminine.

P.S. Be sure to buy a down-filled puffer if you're looking for warmth.


Susieqtpie said...

I know that this article wasn't suppose to be funny... it was very informative... but It totally cracked me up!!!

Anonymous said...

...please where can I buy a unicorn?