Wednesday, December 10, 2008

"God Bless Us, Everyone"

On our first night in Chicago, we went to The Goodman Theater to see A Christmas Carol. It was the best production of the Charles Dickens' classic I've ever seen. This is a very traditional rendition, and who doesn't want tradition during the holidays? I loved that actual passages from the book were read on stage to transition between scenes. Yep. By the end of the performance we were definitely in the Christmas spirit.

Saturday we had breakfast at the Walnut Room at Marshall Fields. {I know, it's Macy's now, but I want to call it Marshall Fields. See above sentence about tradition.} We were hoping the Fairy Princess would sprinkle her fairy dust on us, but we had to settle for bacon, scrambled eggs, pancakes, and orange juice from our server Florence. The Walnut Room was beautiful with its huge tree decorated with Christmas toys and wood mullioned windows framing the snow falling outside. Loved it.

Also loved the sales we got. You'd never know there's a recession by the size of the crowds on State Street and Michigan Avenue.

Sometime during the weekend we visited the outdoor German Kris Kringle market. It was really, really cold! Even the pigeons were huddling together to stay warm.

We shopped for a new nutcracker for my son's collection, drank hot chocolate with extra whipped cream and sat on Santa's lap. He asked us what we wanted for Christmas and we told him Peace on Earth. He reminded us that starts with each of us. Santa's a pretty neat guy.

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