Sunday, December 7, 2008

E Harmony For My Mom

While we were in Chicago we ate at a very cool tapas restaurant, Cafe Iberico on LaSalle Street. Cafe Iberico's specialty is cuisines of Spain. We had a few small plates and some delicious paella with chicken, seafood, and sausage. The restaurant had a great warm and cozy family vibe. We sat by the window and watched the snow fall.

A really special thing happened at Cafe Iberico. I found a man I think would be perfect for my mom. I didn't want to bother him Saturday, but I took his photo hoping that some of you folks in the Chicago area might know him and can give me the 411 (as they say) on him. Send me an email if you've seen this guy:

If you know my mom, you can see why he'd be perfect for her. I might even break down and call him "dad" some day if it all works out.

P.S. Click the photo for a really good look at the mystery man.

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