Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Remember not to act afraid. Animals can smell fear. And they don't like it.*

{* Homer Simpson}

I've been known to harbor some irrational fears. My dentist, Dr. Obi-wan-ken-obe has to give me nitrous oxide to clean my teeth.

I take Xanax before every flight. Lots of Xanax.

I looked up the possibility of Mt. Etna blowing its lid while we were visiting Italy.

For awhile I even worried about being tossed overboard on our cruise ship.

So...imagine my terror when I read this on the FOX News website:

Brazilian Bee Rampage Kills One, Hospitalizes Nine

SAO PAULO, Brazil — Authorities say bees have attacked a group of roadside workers in Brazil, killing one and sending nine others to the hospital.Authorities say the workers were cleaning a road in the interior city of Andradina in Sao Paulo state when the bees attacked.

Firefighter Davis Henrique says most of the workers escaped by running from the bees, but 65-year-old Antonio Pereira da Silva fell and was stung nearly 500 times.

The other workers were later released from the hospital without serious injuries.

Henrique said Tuesday that the noise from the workers' lawnmowers likely caused Monday's attack.

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