Friday, November 7, 2008

It's a dog's world

I've had dogs all my life. Here's a list:

Penny: Springer Spaniel
Cocoa: Pug
Snowflake: Pug
Pepe: Chihuahua
Jennifer: St. Bernard
Max: Cocker Spaniel
Elizabeth: Cocker Spaniel

Wow! Seven! That's more than I thought.

Anyway, even with seven dogs, I don't think I ever dressed a single one of them up in people-style clothes.

I think I tried to put a dog sweater on one of the cockers once and it took so long to get it on and off it didn't seem worth it.

So...I've been shocked at the number of folks who dress their pups up for Halloween and other occasions.

Looking at their pictures puts a smile on my face.

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