Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Book Report--Crossbearer

Crossbearer is Joe Eszterhaus' memoir. You may know Eszterhaus as the hard-living, hard-driving, author of violent movies such as Basic Instinct, Jagged Edge and Sliver. Or, you may remember Joe for his scathing repudiations of Christianity and conservatism in his many television interviews and/or Rolling Stone articles.

In 2001 Eszterhaus was told by his doctors he had throat cancer. He also diagnosed himself as an alcoholic and a tobacco addict. This book is the remarkable story of his recovery and what he terms his `road to Damascus moment.' A self-proclaimed proud atheist, Eszterhaus turned to God when he felt he had nowhere else to turn. Crossbearer is Joe Eszterhaus' powerful testimony of what happened when he chose to live in the light, turned his back on his `sex, drugs, and rock and roll' Hollywood lifestyle and devoted himself to God. Eszterhaus' considerable talent as a writer makes his story relatable, all too human, alternatingly hilarious and deeply profound.

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