Monday, October 27, 2008

Weekend Recap--Friday

We go to lots and lots of Blues Hockey games through the season. We already had tickets for Friday night's game--before they announced Sarah Palin would be dropping the puck--so, no, we did not buy tickets just to see Sarah. But, I was anxious to see what kind of reception she'd get from the crowd.

First, it was a complete sell out and everyone was in their seats early to see Sarah. Second, I didn't hear a single boo from the crowd. Maybe I wasn't sitting in a booing section. Or, maybe midwesterners are just too polite to boo. Whatever. Third, she's really skinny.

Sarah and her family watched two periods of the game from the owners' suite. Here are some photos from Friday night:

Oh, by the way, it was a really horrible game. Manny Legace (our goalie) tripped on the Palin carpet and had to leave the game due to his `injury'. Plus, the Blues lost 4-0.

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