Saturday, November 1, 2008

End of Month Resolution Update

1)Hit the links. Check. I took both private and group lessons over the spring and summer. Played golf with my son and husband a few times and didn't completely embarrass myself or them.
2)Try 8 news restaurants: So far...Monarch, Revival, La Gra, Rasoi, and Wapango. Five down. Three to go. (Only counting new restaurants in our own city)
3)Pay cash. Yep. Done.
4)Learn to knit. Sure did. I even made 4 Christmas gifts.
5)Go to 8 movies. We've seen six.
6)Make a trip to Italy. Ooo la la, yes we did.
7)Have 8 dinner parties: Easter; paella with Ed & Nancy, Rodney & Amanda, Paul & Alicia; 3rd Annual Ribfest; ice cream social wedding shower for Melissa & Quain (not really a dinner party, but I'm counting it); Labor Day BBQ with family; beef tenderloin with Jayson, John & Cindy, Sean & Wendy. Six down, two to go.
8)Learn Italian. Learned it well enough to speak it and be understood on our trip to Italy.

Sounds like we'll be going to dinner and the movies and entertaining a little over the holidays.

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