Tuesday, April 8, 2008

What We Didn't See On American Idol Last Week

From People Magazine:

Brooke’s Breakdown
Brooke White had a difficult time catching her breath after learning she was in the bottom three for the first time last night — and it took nearly all the Idols to calm her down. As tears streamed down her face during the break, a recovered David Cook walked down the couch to hug her. Then, Carly Smithson stepped in with assistance, using her hand to fan cool air on Brooke’s face and assuring her, “It’s going to be okay.” Even producer Nigel Lythgoe offered sympathy, rubbing her back as David Archuleta wrapped his arms around her. Even after Brooke got the news that she was safe, the tears just kept on coming … and coming … and coming.

This makes me like Brooke even less (if that's possible). Considering that David Cook had been rushed to the hospital after heart palpitations and spiking blood pressure the night before, and he didn't have a breakdown, Brooke's reaction to being in the bottom 3 seems totally self-indulgent. I think she needs to get over herself.


Anonymous said...

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Shannon said...

I agree! She needs to really get over herself!!!!!