Monday, April 7, 2008

End of Month Resolution Check Up #3

Here's a check up on how I'm doing on my Eight in Oh, Eight resolutions...

1) Hit the links. No. It's been raining, raining, raining, golf yet.
2) Try eight new restaurants. Zero new restaurants.
3) Pay cash 100% of the time. Okey dokey.
4) Learn to knit. I'm so proud of myself. I finished two whole scarves and they actually look quite good! I've started another and I'm signed up for a knitting class Thursday night.
5) Go to 8 new movies (Netflix don't count). John and I went to "21" the weekend it opened. We'd both read the book Bringing Down the House, so we were anxious to see it.
6) Make a trip to Italy (the cruise is scheduled for 8/08!). Still scheduled.
7) Have 8 dinner parties. We had eight people over for Easter Dinner. Leg of lamb, mmmmmmm.
8) Start learning Italian (see #6). Still working my way through my Italian CDs on my commute to and from the office. Just finished lesson 21 of 35. Now I can: greet people and introduce myself, have a snack, go to the airport, make plans for the weekend, point out clothing I want in the shops, talk to someone on the phone, discuss the weather, talk about my family and yours, order something to eat and drink, ask directions, listen to the radio and watch television, travel by train, check into a hotel and order room service, take a tour of Italy, go on a job interview (!), discuss sports (even a boxing match), describe my home, discuss what's in the newspaper, and go to the bank. Whew.

So, progress on 6 out of the 8. How are you doing on keeping your 2008 resolutions?


johnc said...

On #2. Have you forgotten our Friday evening meal in the Maplewood restaurant??

Ed. Tritschler said...

I feel good about my 2008 goal as I completed number 21 on Monday.
I am confidant we both will hit our 08 goals.