Tuesday, April 8, 2008

American Idol Top 8 Perform: Inspiration Point

Inspiration night…that’s the theme. I’m hoping the schmaltz is kept to a tolerable level.

I’ve decided that after their performance tonight, I’m putting each singer into one of the following categories: Good, Not Bad, Boring, Dreadful. Another judging note…I’m counting off in the power rankings for anyone who doesn’t wear shoes.

Michael Johns (power ranking 1) Song: Dream On
Michael’s had two fabulous weeks. He’s been able to straddle the humble-but-hot line successfully. He doesn’t seem quite as calculating has our old bud Constantine, which makes him even more appealing. Michael’s found his niche with his recent blues/soul vibe. I hope he sticks with it, but I'm afraid he sees himself as a rocker. Yep. I was right. We have the rocker Michael tonight and he's not nearly as good as the last two weeks. I'm still in love, though. Randy says there were some pitch problems and he doesn't see our Aussie as an Aerosmith type rocker. For the first time, Michael turns me off by arguing with Randy. Paula looks naked and talks about her chihuahuas. Hmmmm. She likes it. The song I mean. Simon thinks it was a good performance, but he also doesn't like Michael as a rocker--he, too, prefers him in the R&B world. Not bad.

Syesha Mercado (power ranking 4) Song: I Believe
Syesha is the singer who has outperformed her talent in this competition. There’s no denying she knows how to look and play the part of an American Idol. Unfortunately, she just doesn’t have the singing ability. As usual Syesha looks great. Song starts rough with surprisingly little emotion. She sounds better when she starts belting the song out, but it all seems very forced to me. Syesha wants to be Whitney, but she just isn't. Randy gives her credit for taking on a big song, but says Syesha didn't have a connection to the song. Syesha argues with Randy. Paula says Syesha made the song her own and this is one of Syesha's "most shining nights." Simon says technically Syesha was good, but lacked emotion. Not bad.

Jason Castro (power ranking 6) Song: Somewhere Over the Rainbow
Jason needs to do something drastic to stay in this competition longer than a couple of weeks. Since he’s great at connecting with the emotions of his song (eg. Hallelujah) he might do really well tonight. We're back to the strumming. I sort of feel lik I'm hearing a tune on Sesame Street. Yes, it's sweet, and wonderful. But, Jason, please do something different. Randy calls it molten hot. Paula says Jason is definitive. Simon says fantastic. I say Boring.

Kristy Lee Cook (horse-loving blonde) (power ranking 8)Song: Anyway
I’m in the minority, but I give this girl props for being age appropriate, pleasant, smart, and competitive. What she doesn’t have is an enormous amount of versatility. I still predict a pretty decent country music career for her (Kelly Pickler, anyone?. Randy says it was really good. Paula says this was Kristy's best performance. Simon says it was very good and Kristy Lee (horse loving blonde) looks like a star. Good.

David Cook (power ranking 2) Song: Innocent
Didn’t see it myself, but apparently the judges were on Larry King last night and all but declared the two Davids will be in the final sing off. Maybe yes and maybe no. Never discount the backlash of people who are anti-preordained frontrunners (you might want to read through some of my posts on Hillary Clinton). Who dressed David tonight? He looks like a reject from Sgt. Pepper's band. It also looks like he's dyed his hair or something. From the first bar, I hate this performance. No really, hate it. Now remember...I'm a David Cook fan, but this is unlistenable. Bad. Randy says it's not one of David's strongest weeks. (No Kidding) Paula says David is well defined (?). Simon agrees with me and says he didn't like the performance or the white jacket. Dreadful.

Carly Smithson (power ranking 7) The Show Must Go On
I’m anxious to see what Tattoo girl wears after Simon’s smackdown last week. She can’t afford any more wardrobe disasters. If you haven’t seen this video of Carly before the tats, check it out. I just keep asking: Carly, What Happened????? Right now she falls into singers I can listen to, but can’t watch: Celine Dion, Stevie Wonder, Joe Cocker, Ray Charles. She supersizes every song she sings. Plus, I think the tattoos cost her any chance of ever being in the finals. Seriously…she’s just not mainstream enough. So, now Carly's going to oversing a Queen song for us. Alright, I'll sit back and listen before I judge. She's dressed better, but Carly, why so angry? I think she's not just oversinging, she's marching and protesting and waving a sign at me. I just want to tell her, relax already. Randy says it was just okay for him. Paula says Carly never connected with the song. Simon says she looked good, but oversang the song, and came off as angry. He also predicts she may be in trouble this week. Dreadful.

David Archuleta (power ranking 3) Song: Angels
Our pageant boy is all dressed up in his big fella clothes and ready for the talent segment. Lookie, there's his daddy waving to his little meal ticket! I'll give it to him, he sounds great. I just don't care for the dude. Randy says it was the hottest moment of the season. Paula calls the performance fantastic. Simon says it was the best song choice of the night, but not David's best performance. For me personally, I rate it as Boring. But as an impartial judge I'll give him a Good.

Brooke White (power ranking: 5)You've Got A Friend.
I’m just not much into this girl. Here’s why: She rarely seems to have the appropriate emotion for the song she’s singing (ie., Jolene, Every Step You Take); her meltdown last week was self-indulgent and manipulative, she talks too much, she seems entitled, she doesn’t wear shoes, she appears to believe she’s morally superior to the rest of us sinners, she can’t dance, she looks way older than 24, and she hasn’t done a single thing that’s surprised me. Well, here's another non-surprise...Brooke White (Sweet Blonde) is going to sing that folk tune favorite "You've Got A Friend". B word. Boring, that is. Brooke White (Sweet Blonde) sings. Meh. It just goes on and on. Nothing new, Nothing original. Totally forgettable. Randy says not her best performance, just okay. (Brooke interrupting the whole time). Paula says it was a perfect way to close the evening. (Brooke tells Paula she loves her). Simon says nice, but not original. Brooke wants to talk, but the show is over and we have to see the recaps so Ryan cuts her off. Boring and Dreadful.

My top 3: David Archuleta, Kristy Lee Cook (horse-loving blonde), Jason Castro
My bottom 3: Carly Smithson, David Cook, Brooke White (sweet blonde)

Packing her bags: Carly Smithson

As they say in South Carolina: "Vote and Vote Often!"

Results Thursday!

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Jenn said...

I really do love David Cook, too and would LOVE to see him win this competition, but after last night...YIKES!! That song was horrible, really, it was that bad.
And for me, I know little boy David is great, but he just looks very awkward when he is getting his results and therefore I just don't even care to pay attention to him...is that bad?