Monday, March 31, 2008

Things I Don't Understand (cont'd)

7. Why today's baby strollers have to be the size of a mini-cooper.
8. Why today's moms insist on driving mini-cooper-sized strollers through tiny boutiques.
9. Why today's moms driving mini-cooper-sized strollers through tiny boutiques think they have the right-of-way.



Anonymous said...

Kathryn, some brunettes dye their hair blonde(ish) b/c mother nature is cruel and gives her gray hair in her late teens/early twenties, so that by the time she is 35, it is 85% gray (on the top only of course)!!!! Then when we try to dye it back to brunette, it turns black, so it has to lightened until it turns orange! So THEN she has to go to a beauty salon and have it "professionally" dyed to a color that actually exists in the real world, then 3 weeks later and OH and $100.00 later, it turns blonde(ish) on her! NOT THAT I KNOW ANYONE THAT THAT HAS HAPPENED TO! :)
Karen T said...

I call them the stroller nazis. I've been in stores where the huge stroller was full of packages and the mom was holding the baby! They can't manuever those things through aisles or doors. I don't know how they stand the encumbrance of it all. I, too, used an umbrella stroller. They survived.