Wednesday, March 5, 2008

American Idol Top 8 Girls...Whitney, Celine, & Mariah

So, we're back for another night of eighties songs and embarrassing moments from our top 8 girls. Lucky for you, I'm skipping the embarrassing moments.
1. Asia’h Epperson (power ranking: 4) is up first. She’s on the stairs, dressed in a pink stretchy thing that I guess is supposed to be reminiscent of the 80s. Anyway, she sings “I Wanna Dance With Somebody.” I don’t know why these girls won’t learn. Never ever sing Whitney, Celine or Mariah. You will be dissed by the judges no matter how good you are. Well, Asia’h is above average, but no Whitney. Randy and Paula liked Asia’h. Simon, well not so much. Yes, in fact, he says she was just a second-rate Whitney. I hate to say, I told you so.
2. Kady Malloy (Impressions blonde) (power ranking: 13). Kady attempts Queen’s “Who Wants To Live Forever.” It’s her best effort yet, but she sounds flat and sad—not sultry. Depending on how the rest of the girls are she may be going home. Randy is subdued in his praise/criticism. Paula has done something inexplicable with her hair that I can’t get past. Paula calls Kady gloomy and somber, and Stepford-like. Kady just seems relieved that the performance is over. She really doesn't act like she's having any fun at all. Too bad.
3. Amanda Overmyer (power ranking: 15). In the interview segment Amanda doesn’t have much makeup on and her skunk hair is covered up with a bandana. She actually looks quite cute. Post interview she comes out with less makeup than last week, but still that awful hair. I’m just so glad she’s not covered in tattoos. Amanda sings Joan Jett’s rock-em sock-em “Hate Myself For Loving You.” I like it, she’s in her niche. Randy liked her, too. Paula likes her face and hair and finally gets around to liking her singing. Simon thought it was fantastic. Whoa. He’s effusive with his praise.
4. Carly Smithson (power ranking: 5). Oh! Here are all the tattoos! It’s Carly Smithson! Our inked up Irish lass. Carly sings Celine Dion’s “I Drove All Night.” Remember my advice about singing Celine? Well, the judges are so in the tank for this girl they don’t even tell her she’s no Celine. So, I will. She’s good—maybe even great. But, she’s no Celine. We do get to meet Tattoo Mom in the audience and I think she’s way prettier than her daughter. But, I digress…sorry.
5. Kristy Lee Cook (Horse-loving blonde). Kristy Lee (power ranking: 7) sings “Faithfully.” This is an awesome Journey song. The best thing about these two nights is that I’ve been reminded of some pretty decent songs from the eighties. Kady puts a little country spin on the tune. I think she sounds great. But, her tongue is disturbingly red, like she was sucking on a red popsicle while she waited to go on stage. Really, if you have the show on TIVO, go back and watch it, it’s weird. Wow. I’m so impressed with myself—Randy agrees with me about everything except he didn’t bring up the red tongue part. Maybe Paula will. She doesn’t. Simon calls poor Kristy Lee (Horse-loving blonde) forgettable. Well, I for one will remember her red tongue. So there, Simon.
6. Ramiele Malubay (power ranking: 3). Uh, oh…little Ramiele chooses Mariah’s “Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now).” I wonder who dressed this girl. She does some weird phrasing on the verses, like she can’t quite get the words out, or she’s hesitating or something. Randy tells her she’s okay, but to let loose with her voice. Paula jabbers away about something or other and then tells Ramiele she deserves to be in the top 12. Simon thought she was old fashioned and predictable. They’ve ruined my night. They gave us all a gratuitous shot of Danny Noriega being cute and wearing Ramiele’s glasses. Oh please, send him home.
7. Brooke White (Sweet Blonde) (power ranking: 8) Sweet Brooke tells us a very boring, but sweet story. Then she sings “Love Is A Battlefield.” I always get Pat Benatar and Joan Jett confused. I don’t think of this tune as a folk song, but that’s how Brooke (Sweet Blonde) sings it. I don’t like it all. I especially don’t like the squeak in her voice. Randy gives her faint praise. Paula calls it pure—appropriate for our Sweet Blonde. Simon liked it, and called it original. I don’t care what they say, I thought it was bad. I also think Brooke (Sweet Blonde) talks too much.
8. Syesha Mercado (power ranking: 11) gets the judges’ choice spot. Syesha’s going to try one of Whitney’s first hits “Saving All My Love For You.” Nope. Syesha’s no Whitney. And, nope. Syesha doesn’t quite hit those high notes. She has the cutest outfit of the night, though. Randy simply says good, Paula says sophisticated, Simon says good. Were they out of time? I mean, seriously, that’s all the judges said. Weird.

Bottom 2: Kady Malloy, Syesha Mercado

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