Tuesday, March 11, 2008

American Idol Top 12 Meet The Beatles

I’m so hyped for tonight! It’s the first time the guys will compete on the same stage as the gals. It’s also the first week of the single eliminations.

The judges are clearly lobbying for David Archuleta, Carly Lee Smithson, or Brooke White (Sweet Blonde) to win this thing. But, in past years—power to the people—there have been some surprises along the way. Remember the night Chris Daughtry was booted off in Season 5? The whole idea of pageant girl Diana DeGarmo making it into the finals in season 4 is still shocking. The audience sent LaToya (season 3) back home before her time because she had an entitled air about her. And—even though it was way back in season 1—those of us who were watching gasped with the studio audience when Tamyra Gray was sent home before Nikki McKibbin. I’m betting that little David has peaked early, while some of the others are just reaching their stride.

So even though it seems like it’s on Eight Days A Week, believe it or not this is the first night that AI is opening the Lennon-McCartney playbook for a trip down Penny Lane. For the next two hours just sit back, enjoy This Magical Mystery Tour and Let It Be. You’re goin’ Nowhere Man anyway. It will be a Long and Winding Road and Everything Counts in the competition. But We Can Work It Out! All I’ve Got To Do is Act Naturally and remember that It Won't Be Long before we know who the next American Idol is.

Syesha Mercado (power ranking 10) Song Title: Got To Get You Into My Life
Not off to a good start. She sounds really flat. The thing Syesha has going for her is that she looks good and she knows how to work the stage. When it comes to singing she’s pretty awful. Both Paula and Randy admit her pitch was off. Simon thinks she was much better than last week. I was not impressed.

Chikezie [Eze] (power ranking 12) Song Title: She’s a Woman
It’s the bluesy version of Chikezie [Eze]. He’s tried lots of personae, but this is the best. This Chikezie [Eze] is really fun and has the crowd on their feet with an unusual arrangement of She’s a Woman. Randy says Chikezie [Eze] `smashed’ it. Paula says his risky performance paid off. Simon agrees with me, Randy, and Paula and gives Chikezie [Eze] his props.

Ramiele Malubay (power ranking 4) Song Title: In My Life
I noticed this breathing/phrasing thing Ramiele does last week and now she’s doing it again this week. Either she thinks this odd phrasing is artistic or she’s just running out of breath, but I find it hard to listen to. The whole song was just sort of there. Nothing special at all. Randy calls it boring. Paula calls it safe. Boring and safe are code for bad. Simon calls it forgettable, dreary, and boring.

Jason Castro (power ranking 3) Song Title: If I Fell
Oh how I hope Jason does something other than coffee house strumming. Uh oh. He’s got his guitar. He’s strumming. I’m feeling a grande latte craving coming on. He’s the male version of Ramiele. Boring. Safe. Forgettable. Dreary. Randy calls it just all right. Paula feels Jason’s heart. Simon calls it “student in a bedroom at midnight. Boring.” Even Simon tells him he needs to do something different. Told you.

Carly Smithson (power ranking 5) Song Title: Come Together
Okay, we know Tattoo girl Carly is one of the judges’ favorites. But let’s make up our own minds. First off she has some big legs. She also has a powerful voice. I’ll give her that. I’m not a big fan of the vibrato, but that’s just me. Randy starts the judges off in their effusive praise, “stellar.” Paula felt like she was “watching a star.” Simon says she reminds him of Kelly Clarkson six years ago. Tattoo girl jumps on her big legs and scares Ryan. Reluctantly, I'll say she was way above average...but I still don't like to watch her when she sings.

David Cook (power ranking 9) Song Title: Eleanor Rigby
David Cook has been getting better every week. I know his razor haircut is hip, but I think it makes him look like one of those kids in the Dr. Seuss books. Now onto the singing. His arrangement of Eleanor Rigby is awesome. At the beginning of the song he seemed nervous, but the ending is great. I think David is a dark horse. He’s jumping up too, but his legs aren’t as big as Carly’s so Ryan isn’t as scared. Randy says he rocked it out. Paula stole my words! She calls him a “dark horse.” Really! I wrote it before she said it. I’m brilliant! Whoa!!! Now Simon has stolen my line! He says `brilliant’! He also says David could win this whole thing.

Brooke White (Sweet Blonde) (power ranking 7) Song Title: Let it Be
The judges are in the tank for Brooke…especially Simon. Brooke is at the piano. She’s barefoot. I guess she thinks that people in 1970 didn’t wear shoes when we played piano and sang Let It Be. She would be wrong. It was a good performance even though parts of it seem really contrived. Especially the last whoo-hoo and the barefoot part. Randy is a fan. Paula says this is her niche…picking songs that we can feel her heart. Brooke is crying on cue. Simon (of course) says it was one of the best performances of the night and a brilliant choice of songs. Brooke is sweet and humble. I think she’s also cloying and annoying. Hey! That rhymes!

David Hernandez (power ranking 8) Song Title: I Saw Her Standing There
David Hernandez—fully clothed again this week—starts on the stage, but uses some of the dance moves he learned at Dick’s Cabaret to make his way to the floor and sing and dance with the audience. Is it me or is this looking really silly? I’m starting to get embarrassed for him and want the song to end. That is not a good sign. I'd give him a dollar just to quit. Randy says it was overdone. Paula says it was overdone. I think she heard that somewhere. Simon calls it corny and desperate. I think David may be headed back to Dick’s.

Amanda Overmyer (power ranking 11) Song Title: You Can’t Do That
I’m an Amanda fan, but I didn’t like her performance. I couldn’t understand the words and I wish she wouldn’t always play the tough chick. Randy loves the southern rock rendition, Paula calls her a star, Simon doesn’t think she was as good as last week—but still a breath of fresh air.

Michael Johns (power ranking 2) Song Title : Across the Universe
Anyone who reads my blog knows I love Michael Johns. I can’t help it. Look at him! Listen to that accent! So, he sings, and technically it’s great. But where’s the Michael I love? It’s all just a little bleh. No big ending, nothing. Randy says okay, but sleepy. Paula disagrees. She talks about inner strength and quiet confidence. Simon agrees with Randy.

Kristy Lee Cook (Horse-loving blonde) (power ranking 6 )Song Title: Eight Days a Week
Well, our little equestrian promises us she’s going to take a big risk. Let’s see if Eight Days a Week can translate into a country version. Kristy starts ‘er up and nope. ..This risk isn’t paying off. I HATE it. This is the worst rendition of Eight Days A Week I’ve ever heard—including Muzak. Randy is torn. Paula says she didn’t like it at all. Simon says it was horrendous and that Kristy Lee (Horse-loving blonde) sounded like Dolly Parton on helium.

David Archuletta (power ranking 1) Song Title: We Can Work It Out
If you didn’t believe me before, believe me now. The judges put the contestant they want to pump up in the final position. Why, look—it’s judges’ fave little David Archuleta. He gives me the creeps during the taped segment. He’s just all grinny (is that a word?) and aw shucks. Ick. So he’s coming down the stairs singing and he commits the cardinal sin! He FORGETS the words. He’s awful. Oh my goodness! He’s forgetting all the words. Here comes that annoying lip licking thing again. This is painful. Atrocious. Horrible. Surely the judges can’t think they can fool us now. Even they have to admit how bad this is. David’s finished butchering this classic, but he's still grinny. Randy says “this wasn’t your week.” No kidding. It wasn't our week either. Paula says “this wasn’t your week,” but adds “you’re still a frontrunner.” How does she figure that? He was one of the worst singers tonight! Simon says, “I’m going to treat everybody fairly.” Gee, Simon, isn’t that what a judge is supposed to do? He calls it a mess. Understatement.

Okay. This is a tough night. But here goes:
Top 3: Carly Smithson, David Cook, Chikezie [Eze]
Bottom 3: David Hernandez, Kristy Lee Cook (horse-loving blonde), David Archuleta

Packing her saddlebags: Kristy Lee Cook (horse-loving blonde)


Jenn said...

Kristy Lee Cook's song made me want to plug my ears!! Honestly, I think it is the worst song that I have ever heard on Idol...I totally agree with you. I love David Cook, he is one of my favs....I love your little play on songs, too...Of course that is easy for us McCartney/Lennon fans...

Liza's Eyeview said...

Thanks for the recap/update. We don't have network TV at home so I don't watch this - but I like knowing what's going on on that show :)