Thursday, March 20, 2008

American Idol Top 10 Power Rankings

We hold these truths to be self-evident in Season 7 of American Idol:

--The following folks are not going to win: Syesha Mercado, Chikezie [Eze], Kristy Lee Cook (horse-loving blonde, Ramiele Malubay
--Carly Lee Smithson has a great voice, but has a likeability problem
--Michael Johns has the likeability thing down, but may not have the pipes
--David Cook has had three great weeks
--The camera loves Jason Castro

So who's up and who's down this week? Using a highly complicated formula that takes a myriad of factors into account here are this week's Top 10 Power Rankings:

1) Jason Castro
2) David Cook
3) David Archuleta
4) Carly Smithson
5) Michael Johns
6) Brooke White (Sweet blonde)
7) Syesha Mercado
8) Chikezie [Eze]
9) Ramiele Malubay
10) Kristy Lee Cook (horse-loving blonde)

Biggest movers this week are David Cook and David Archuleta who both moved up 3 positions and Carly Smithson and Michael Johns who moved down 3 positions.

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