Tuesday, March 25, 2008

American Idol Top 10 Performances--Aussie & Rocker Bring Down the House

Ramiele Malubay (power ranking 9): Alone
Poor Ramiele gets put in the first spot…forgettable. The song feels forced, and Ramiele doesn’t appear to be having any fun at all. She seems disconnected with the song, the audience, the judges. Oh well. Randy says the song was too big for her, Paula says she knows Ramiele is sick, Simon sort of says not as bad as Randy thinks, but still bad. Ramiele’s days are numbered.

Jason Castro (power ranking 1): Fragile
Jason is just coasting right now I think. He’s brought out the old tried and true guitar. I’m getting bored with Jason, even though I like him. Did you see this picture of JC without the dreadlocks? Interesting, huh? Okay. Randy likes the song, likes Jason, Paula says Jason's not taking any chances and playing it safe. Simon says this is his second bad week in a row and he won’t win if he keeps doing the same thing. John has the funniest observation of the season, he thinks Jason should make a CD for Pottery Barn.

Syesha Mercado (power ranking 7): If I Were Your Woman
Why does Syesha seem so ungenuine (is that a word?) Well, as always she looks stupendous. She looks like a star. She sounds good--for Syesha. Randy says it’s her best performance ever. Paula agrees and calls her a dark horse (sorry Kristy Lee for stealing the horse metaphor out from under you). Simon says it’s the best performance of the night, but we’re only three in. Brilliant.

Chikezie [Eze] (power ranking 8): If Only For One Night
Well, I don’t like it at all. It’s all loungey in a lizardy sort of way. Or, maybe even a wedding singer sort of performance. No, no, no, no. Not for me. Randy calls it old school and boring. Paula calls Chikezie [Eze] a great singer. Simon (predictably) calls the performance cheesy. Cheesy Chikezie [Eze]…love it.

Brooke White (Sweet blonde) (power ranking 6): Every Breath You TakeBrooke (Sweet blonde) does something I have never, ever seen anyone in 7 seasons of American Idol do. She has a “misfire” and just restarts her song. It’s like the President reading the first line of the State of the Union address and just stopping and starting over. Weird. Surely the judges will count off for that! Maybe not. It’s Brooke White (Sweet Blonde) after all. She’s back behind the piano after her dancing debacle last week. Now that we’re firmly into the song I get the weird feeling of being at a Lilith Fair concert. And! That’s not something I would ever do willingly. Same old schtick. Safe, boring, one trick pony (sorry for the second horse reference, Kristy Lee, I know that’s your territory). Not much of a melody, either. Time for the judges, let’s see how much Brooke (Sweet Blonde) insists on talking. Randy doesn’t like the arrangement, Brooke talks and tells Randy it’s `okay.’ Paula enjoys this week’s performance more than last week’s. She likes Brooke’s niche. Brooke talks. Simon agrees with Randy, the arrangement stunk. Brooke talks.

Michael Johns (power ranking 5): We Are The Champions
One note into it, and I can tell you, the Aussie is back! Randy agrees, this is Michael’s best performance. Paula is proud of him. Simon gives him props for giving the best performance of the evening (including Syesha’s). Every year there's one great performance. This may have been it, folks! Sizzlin’. Hot, hot, hot.

Carly Smithson (power ranking 4): Total Eclipse of the Heart
The Irish lassie comes out and I immediately wonder, `how many votes are these tattoos costing her?’ I am so shallow. Rumors on the internet that Carly is pregnant. I see what everyone is talking about. But it could just be too many potatoes. Why does Carly have to power out every single song she sings? And, why can’t she control these unattractive facial expressions. She looks like an angry yak (aren’t they the animals that bare their teeth, bulge out their eyes, and spit?)…well, that’s what she looks like, anyway. I find her hard to watch, she seems desperate. Randy didn’t love it. I think Carly’s going to cry. Paula (wearing some dominatrix gloves) loves what Carly did at the end. So did I. She stopped. Simon says something didn’t work. Like the singing? He says she seems tense and needs to lighten up.

David Archuleta (power ranking 3): You’re the Voice
The Boy in the Bubble…I’ve decided that’s what he reminds me of. This is like watching a kid in a high school talent show—a fancy sort of music magnet high school, but a high school talent show nonetheless. I want it to end. Not entertaining. David, NO MORE MESSAGE SONGS! Randy says it was a strange song choice, but TBITB can sing anything and make it sound good. Paula says TBITB could sing the telephone book and it would be good. Simon agrees with me. Horrible. He calls it a theme park performance.

Kristy Lee Cook (horse-loving blonde) (power ranking 10): God Bless the USA
Kristy’s sitting on a stool. She looks cute. I actually like her performance a lot. She seems young, fresh, sincere. Randy says it was a good song choice and a good performance. Paula sort of disses her performance while complimenting her. Weird. Simon calls this Kristy Lee’s best performance and enough to keep her in the contest. Kristy Lee jumps like a cheerleader. Our horse-lover is thrilled to finally be at the rodeo.

David Cook (power ranking 2): Billie Jean
Another strong and interesting performance by the big-baby-headed rocker. Totally original. Randy says David is the boldest performer they’ve ever had on American Idol. Paula’s all sweaty and beside herself and can't sit down. Simon calls it brave and amazing. John likes this arrangement better than Michael Jackson’s.

Top 3: Michael Johns, David Cook, David Archuleta (reluctantly)
Bottom 3: Ramiele Malubay, Chikezie [Eze], Brooke White (sweet blonde)
Going home: Ramiele Malubay

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Jenn said...

David Archuleta...what in the world was that song he was singing?? Come on...he was just born a few years ago, can't he at least pick a song that someone here has heard of?? You hit the nail on the head with TBITB...that is what we think too....his lip licking wasn't quite as bad last night, but still, song choice for alot of them was just weird...who is picking them, their parents???

I LOVED Michael Johns and David Cook...they were my 2 favorites!!