Wednesday, March 19, 2008

American Idol Results: Amanda, Back to the USSR

Results night. As a reminder, here are my predictions:
Top 3: Jason Castro, Carly Smithson, David Archuleta
Bottom 3: Kristy Lee Cook (horse-loving blonde), Ramiele Malubay, Brooke White (Sweet Blonde)

Ramiele Malubay is who I think will be packing her bags tonight.

The big news is Kelly Pickler will be performing. Also, Dolly Parton, Mariah Carey, Andrew Lloyd Weber, and Neil Diamond are announced as this year’s mentors. Wow! That’s some line-up.

Finally, the unfortunate Up With People segment and recaps of last night’s performances are over and we’re moving on to the first eliminations. Thank you, TIVO.

Brooke White (Sweet Blonde) is brought up front. Once again, she can’t stop talking. Putting us all of out of our misery Ryan sends her to the chairs, she’s in the top 10.

Carly Smithson—tattoos nicely covered—is up next. Surprise! She’s in the bottom 3. Everyone’s shocked. Even I had her in the top 10. But she’s so unlikeable I can see why she’d have trouble getting folks to actually care enough to vote for her.

Little David Archuleta is pronounced safe and in the top 10. We hear him breathe heavily.

Aussie Michael Johns is completely shook up. Apparently, Carly’s fall from grace, has him nerve-racked. Nothing to worry about though, he’s safe.

Rocker David Cook, still with the octopus firmly planted on his head, is in the top 10.

Kristy Lee Cook (horse-loving blonde), looking hot, is once again in the bottom 3. She may have set a record for being in the bottom 3 the most times in all 7 seasons of American Idol. I'll look that up tomorrow.

Jason Castro is in the top 10.

So far it’s looking like this is a year for the guys, huh?

Ramiele Malubay, my pick to go home is wearing a really awful Flashdance top, but she makes it through to the top 10. Another surprise!

TIVO’d past the ridiculous segment “On The Air With American Idol” when viewers ask questions of the judges. Please email me if anything was newsworthy. Thanks.

Kelly Pickler sings "Red High Heels." Yes, she’s wearing them, too. She looks so much better than she did last year. I say way to go, Pickler! You’ve made us proud.

Syesha is in the top 10. She won’t win, of course, but she probably deserves to stay in the competition a couple of more weeks.

and Chikezie [Eze] are called down to the stage. One of them is in the bottom 3 and one is in the top 10 and I for one am not hazarding a guess. Amanda’s hair looks particularly Elvira-ish tonight. Chikezie [Eze] is safe. He gives Amanda a really awkward hug and heads stage right.

So it’s Tattoo Girl Carly, Kristy Lee Cook (horse-loving blonde) and Amanda Overmyer in the bottom 3. After the break, we find out that Carly is safe. Kristy Lee Cook (horse-loving blonde) is safe. Amanda Overmyer is going home. I’m torn. I understand why she wouldn’t have a huge fan base, but she’s definitely a better singer than Ramiele Malubay and Kristy Lee Cook (horse-loving blonde).

Oh well, just like an election…you can’t complain if you don’t vote.

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