Tuesday, February 26, 2008

American Idol Top 10 Guys: Week 2 Performances Faux & Con

So it's week 2 and the guys are up again. We know the drill by now, so let’s just get to it.

1. Michael Johns. Last week’s power ranking: #1. We get a little background on our favorite Aussie. He loves him some tennis. Sings Fleetwood Mac’s “Go Your Own Way.” I like him, but the vibrato sounds overdone and during the verse he’s dragging a little behind the band. Randy and Paula blow him some kisses. Simon brings everyone back to reality and says it’s just meh. Regardless, no doubt Michael's safe for another week, even though I liked him much better week 1.

2. Jason Castro. Last week’s power ranking: #5. Jason hates doing interviews. We’re treated to an awkward montage of a bunch of outtakes from interviews. Ahhh. Isn’t that cute. More coffee house strumming. “I Just Want to Be Your Everything.” Randy criticizes Jason for playing the guitar because he has weak vocals. Paula tells Jason not to play the guitar next week. Simon thinks it was all very Schmaltzy. I tried to tell him.

3. Luke Menard. Last week’s power ranking: #17 Luke’s been touring with an acapella group for the last six years. He’s also lost about 60 pounds. Falsetto in "Killer Queen" sounds awesome at the beginning, but he kind of loses it to a squeak toward the middle of the song.

4. Robbie Carrico. Last week’s power ranking: #13. Faux-rocker Robbie tells us he’s just being him and there are lots of types of rockers. We get to see him drag racing in a lime green car. He likes to smell the high octane fuel and burnt tires. Only a few bars into “Hot Blooded” and we’re treated to our first rocker cliché, yep it’s the old pick up the standing mic move. Robbie, this was your last chance with me. I hate this performance. Randy agrees with me…Robbie is faux, faux, faux. Paula defends him. Simon thinks Robbie's vocals were good.

5. Danny Noriega. Last week’s power ranking: #19. Painfully listen to him reminisce about being in a punk rock band. He gets three notes out of The Carpenters’ “Don’t You Remember I Told You I Love You Baby” and this sick cat needs to be put out of its misery. Every week he’s more Sanjaya-ish. I don’t understand why the judges are encouraging him. He was terrible. I really want him to go home.

6. David Hernandez. Last week’s power ranking: #16. He was a gymnast when he was younger. Thanks for sharing, David. He sings “Papa Was A Rolling Stone.” I’m liking this David. Way better than last week. The first interesting song of the night. Nice job, David, you surprised me, maybe I’ll remember you after all.

7. Jason Yeager. Last week’s power ranking: #20. Jason brought up the rear last week. This week he tells us he plays piano, drums, and guitar. Still not interesting Jason. He doesn’t even play an interesting instrument like an oboe or a piccolo. Jason sings the Doobie Brothers “Without Love.” His dance moves are so cheesy I’m embarrassed to watch and yet, my eyes are drawn to the TV screen like a moth to a candle. The ending moves are really awful. Yes, this is a singing competition, but the dance moves did me in. Even the judges hate his performance. I think Jason’s going to cry, so now I feel sorry for him. (Even so, he's still going in my bottom 3).

8. Chikezie [Ezie]. Last week’s power ranking: #18. Chikezie tells us his name is Nigerian and means something created by God. Cool. Well, he looks better with his blue polo shirt on. I like this bluesy song, “I Believe”. The background singers are awesome. Nicely done, Chikezie [Ezie].

9. David Cook. Last week’s power ranking: #14. David is a word nerd, his term not mine. David sounds like a real rocker as he sings 70s favorite “All Right Now”. I hope faux-rocker Robbie is listening and watching. This is how it’s done.

10. David Archuleta. Last week’s power ranking: #3. David Archuleta gets the “judges’ choice” spot (ie. last) tonight. We see video of him when he was 11 singing to Kelly Clarkson (it makes me uncomfortable). I agree the kid can sing, but I just can’t get over thinking of him as a sort of precocious, early maturing, savant. David sings John Lennon’s “Imagine.” He’s all intent and stylized. The little girls in the front row cheer him on. The judges are clearly in the tank for him. Expect to see DA in the final if they have their way.

Bottom 3: Robbie Carrico, Danny Noriega, Jason Yeager

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