Wednesday, February 27, 2008

American Idol Top 10 Girls: Week 2 Performances Battle Of The Blondes And The Others

The girls, week 2.

First off, I apologize for getting my four blondes confused in the week 1 power rankings.
To avoid any confusion, from now on they will be referred to as follows:
Alaina Whitaker (Carrie Underwood blonde)
Kady Malloy (Impressions blonde)
Brooke White (Sweet Blonde)
Kristy Lee Cook (Horse-loving blonde)
No disrespect intended to any of the four, but I have to find a way to keep them straight...and until further notice, this is it.

Also, by now you know my feelings about Carly Smithson. I think she's a ringer. A semi-pro who recorded and released an album in 2001. In the interest of full disclosure, Kristy Lee Cook (Horse-loving blonde) was once signed to Arista, Michael Johns--then known as Michael Lee--fronted a major label's rock act called The Rising, little cutey David Archuleta won Star Search when he was 12, and Faux Rocker with the Faux Hair Robbie Carrico was in a group called Boyz N Girlz United (he also dated Britney for awhile). So at least 5 out of the top 20 can be considered semi-pros. I'm going to try to keep an open mind from here on out, even about my friend Tattoo Girl Carly.

Now...on with the show.

1. Carly Smithson. Last week's power ranking: 11. Oh boy we get to hear Tattoo Girl tell us all about her and her husband’s tattoo shop, working at the Irish bar, and how much she just loves her home—you know, cooking and cleaning. She sings one of my favorite Heart songs, Crazy on You. Even with all the hype about Carly, I really don’t hear anything special. It’s weird that she’s so out of breath at the end of the song. Maybe she has some underlying lung problem or she’s really out of shape.
2. Syesha Mercado (Last week's power ranking: 6) tells us about her commercial work in Miami and we see clips from the videos. The commercials were better than her trying to sing “Me And Mrs. Jones” it’s awful and not just because she changes Mrs. to Mr. Syesha is all over the melody, but not on it. She looks great though.
3. Brooke White (Sweet Blonde) (Last week's power ranking: 7) went to beauty school…she sees doing hair as art. Brooke plays guitar and sings Carly Simon’s uber-hit “You’re So Vain.” It’s okay, not unique, a little too smiley, but she’s so sweet I don’t think she can help herself.
4. Ramiele Malubay (Last week's power ranking 2) gives a lesson in Polynesian dancing. Thanks, Ramiele. Rough start to “Don’t Leave Me This Way”. Rough middle. Okay end. Ramiele, you’ve let me down girl.
5. Kristy Lee Cook (Horse-loving blonde). Last week's power ranking: 10. Kristy Lee is a tomboy and of course, she loves her some horses. Kristy Lee looks hot tonight in her silver top and black jeans. She belts out “You’re No Good.” It drags a little at the end, but overall she did a nice job. Way better than last week.
6. Amanda Overmyer. Last week's power ranking: 12. Biker and nurse, we know. Now we find out Amanda is a bookworm. What is she wearing??? Why does she always look twenty years older than she is??? Amanda starts out okay on “Carry On My Wayward Son” by Kansas, but it gets worse as the song goes on…especially the low notes. The ending is absolutely atrocious. We see Amanda’s parents in the audience and her mom looks younger than she does. I think Amanda needs to lighten up...if by some miracle she doesn't get sent home this week.
7. Alaina Whitaker (Carrie Underwood blonde). Last week's power ranking: 8. Alaina is a little OCD about different foods on her plate touching each other. She comes out in a homecoming dress and sings “Hopelessly Devoted To You” by Olivia Newton-John. She was probably good enough to stay in the competition for another week. Paula and Simon remind us that Alaina is only 17. They give her advice she doesn’t understand.
8. Alexandrea Lushington. Last week's power ranking: 15. Scary video of Alexandrea singing as a little kid. These precocious kids make me uncomfortable. She sings Chicago’s “If You Leave Me Now” and I think she seals her fate…she’s leaving this week…that’s my prediction.
9. Kady Malloy (Impressions blonde). Last week's power ranking: 9. Kady does impressions for us (of course), then sings some opera in the bathroom. She comes walking down the staircase singing yet another Heart song “Magic Man”. Really bad. She’s going into my bottom 3.
10. Asia’h Epperson is in the judges’ choice spot. Last week's power ranking: 4. Asia’h was a cheerleader and she loved it. Okay, good. Not so good that Asia’h’s (there go those pesky apostrophes again) chosen a Celine Dion song. She pretty much butchers “All By Myself”. I’m so upset. I loved this girl last week…now look what she’s done. The only thing that saves her from my bottom 3 is that the end isn't terrible. Not good, but not terrible.

Bottom 3: Alexandrea Lushington, Kady Malloy (Impressions Blonde), Amanda Overmyer


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