Monday, February 25, 2008

American Idol Season 7 Week 1 Power Rankings

These are my American Idol week 1 power rankings. If you don't agree leave me a comment, but remember it's my blog.

#1 Michael Johns. The dude from down under. Gets points for style and talent. The camera loves him and so do the judges. Needless to say, so do I.

#2 Ramiele Malubay. Refreshing in her polished, yet non-professional attitude. I love how much she’s loving the process.

#3 David Archuleta. Yes, he can sing—but is he really American Idol material? He just seems so prepubescent. David is just a little too precious for me.

#4 Asia’h Epperson. Talent and personality, but maybe too green to make it all the way to the finals. Not sure her voice is strong enough to hold up week after week.

#5 Jason Castro. He has a style that’s easy to love. Relaxed, open, and a little gee whiz about the whole deal. Even so, he has to break out of the coffee house strummer role to move up.

#6 Syesha Mercado. A real beauty. She was terrific last week…not so terrific in the Hollywood rounds so consistency could be a problem.

#7 Brooke White. One of the blondes, but just different enough to distinguish herself from the rest of the Nice n Easy pack. Her over-the-top sweetness could get a little grating before it’s over.

#8 Alaina Whitaker. #2 generic blonde. This is the one who wants to buy the horse. Alaina is the youngest kid in the competition. That always buys a couple of weeks of accolades from the judges.

#9 Kady Malloy. #3 generic blonde. Don’t get me wrong, I like blondes. I am one. I just can’t keep these girls straight. Kady is the blonde who does the impressions. She needs to figure out what her own voice sounds like and sing.

#10 Kristy Lee Cook. #4 generic blonde. I think she can sing, too, but so far she’s going to go down as this year’s Haley Scarnato if she’s not careful.

#11 Carly Smithson. I’ll toss Tattoo Carly smackdab in the middle. I’ll never vote for her due to her previous album release and ringer status, but she’s all right.

#12 Amanda Overmeyer. She needs to show us some versatility to stay in the competition. How about a big showtune, or a nice ballad? Just, something different.

#13 Robbie Carrico. Okay, a lot of people like this guy, but I still think he’s a faux-rocker. Lose the bandana, no more rock clich├ęs, definitely no sleeveless vest thing, no more chains hanging out of the jeans pocket—you get the idea.

#14 David Cook. He’s another rocker. The middle of his song was okay, but 1/3 of a song is not enough to move up into the top 10.

#15 Alexandra Lushington. Just a youngster. I don’t think she’s in the same league as the idols.

#16 David Hernandez. Totally and completely forgettable. White bread. Marshmallows. Soft, puffy clouds. Forgettable.

#17 Luke Menard. He’s this year’s Antonella Barba. Handsome and nice, he just can’t sing worth a plug nickel.

#18 Chikezie Eze. I read somewhere that Chikezie Eze is now going by just Chikezie. Please-ee Chikezie Eze, it’s a little early to go Hollywood on us! Chickezie had a rough time finding the tune last week. Maybe it was just first show jitters, but I still have to put him in one of the bottom slots. Sorry Chickezie.

#19 Danny Noriega. Pretty and Sanjaya-ish. That's our Danny. Please go home. And stop talking back to the judges until you do. Thank you.

#20 Jason Yeager. Poor Jason, it is not a plus that he's been singing in Branson. He needs to drop the inclination to sing anything close to the Moon River he sang last week. He's lucky to have squeaked through. He needs to turn his back on Branson if he wants to live to see another week on the AI stage.

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